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thai train tickets online booking

The State Railway of Thailand is exceptionally slow arriving in the new millennium and is still very much dragging its feet when it comes to offering online booking and payment for the tickets on the Thai rail network. A few years back there was a website which offered this service, I am not sure if it was offered by the State Railway Of Thailand or was some tie up between them and a private company but train tickets could at one time be bought online! The booking form on this website was disabled around 3-4 years ago although the website still remained online. I personally used to direct customers here who wanted to make online reservations for Thai rail tickets.

However there are now a couple of companies who are offering a ticket purchasing service. These services are not a full seamless realtime online booking service for train tickets but presently they seem to be the only option on offer if you do want to make advance ticket reservations for the Thai rail network. The State Railway of Thailand still issues physical paper tickets so one of the main drawbacks of these online booking services is getting the physical paper ticket into you hands. But these companies do offer various options which include pick up from various locations or postage to your home address

One of these companies is 12Go Asia not only do they offer Thai train ticketing services they also offer tickets for a whole plethora of public transport tickets including ferries and  buses. Maybe a good company to consider if you want to make some advance bookings and purchases for Thai public transport

Powered by 12Go Asia system

A bit more info on the 12Go’s Asia Service

1. On top of the ticket price 12Go will levy a booking fee of 220baht and payment fee of 3.4%

2. Most of the popular long distance routes are covered but the 12Go Asia system does offer every train on every route at every class.

3. You will need to make the reservation at least 3 days before Travel

4. Thai train tickets are not usually released until 60 days before travel. You can still make the booking and 12Go Asia will purchase the tickets for you on the first day the tickets are released

Please remember Travel hub also offer full ticketing service from our office in Chiang Mai. If you are in Chiang Mai and need a ticket then please drop by our easy to find office at Thapae Gate. Due to the need for a physical ticket we are only offering ticketing to walk in customers at our office in Chiang Mai. If you do need your ticket in Bangkok or forwarded to your address then please consider using the 12Go Asia service detailed above.

Have you used the service of 12Go Asia? Barefoot would love to hear about your experience booking a ticket with them. Was the booking and payment process smooth? Did you get your ticket delivered on time or was it ready to be picked up from the specified location?

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