Mae Sa Waterfall

Mae Sa Waterfall
Mae Sa Waterfall

Mae Sa Waterfall Overview

There are waterfalls abound in Northern Thailand and although Mae Sa is neither the biggest or most beautiful it is easily accessible from Chiang Mai and well worth a visit. Mae Sa Waterfall is in the Mae Sa area amongst a whole rake of interesting tourist attractions so if you are in the area then defiantly consider giving this waterfall a look. There are 10 tiers to this waterfall and there is a very well marked and mostly paved path which winds it was along the river and climbs up to the 10th tier. If you want to hike your way to the 10th tier then you will need a reasonable level of fitness. Allow around an hour to hike to the top and back to the bottom (extra time if you want to stop for a rests or a swim). The walk  here is set amongst some thick and pristine forest and adds to the enjoyment of these falls, also the further up river you get the quieter it gets and less chance you will see other visitors.

The falls flow all year with the largest and heaviest falls in the wet season, after heavy rainfall the falls can be very powerful so be careful if swimming in the rainy season, also after heavy rain the water often turns a less appealing brown colour. On rare occasions, after heavy rainfall access to the falls maybe restricted due to the possibility of flash flooding.

If your schedule allows try to visit on a weekday when the falls are relatively quiet, during weekends and public holidays the falls are busy with Thai day trippers picnicking and cooling off in the chilly waters.

At the main carpark area there are plenty of small stalls selling snacks and drinks, so maybe a good idea to stock up on refreshments and snacks before you head up the falls.

Swimming at Mae Sa
Below most tiers of the waterfall pools are formed many of which are good for a swim (or at least a refreshing shower under the cascading water) if you are visiting then by all means bring your swim suit. Toilets are situated in the car park area if you need to change.

Mae Sa Waterfall
Mae Sa Waterfall

Mae Sa Waterfall entrance fees

Forigners 100 baht

children 50 baht

Thai national qualify for a cheaper rate

Mae Sa Waterfall Map


Getting to Mae Sa Waterfall
if you do not have you own transport then consider chartering a vehicle to get you out here , tuk tuks and songtaews can be chartered in Chiang Mai to visit the falls or the falls combined with some of the other Mae Sa attractions. If you are comfortable on a motorbike then this is another good way to get out here and you will be able to visit some of the other nearby Mae Sa attractions too. The drive from the center of Chiang Mai takes around 30 minutes

Other points of interest
Mae Sa Waterfall is situated in the Mae Sa area, this area is the center of a whole rake of attractions which include Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Tiger Kingdom, Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park, Monkey Center, snake show, Hill tribe exhibition village. So if you are in the area visiting one or more of these attractions then it is well worth fitting this waterfall into your itinerary.

Mae Sa Waterfall Opening times
the closing time time is 17:00 but you maybe bared entry after 16:00 as the walk to the uppermost tier and back can take an hour

Mae Sa Waterfall
Mae Sa Waterfall
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