Best time of year to visit Chiang Mai

View over Chiang Mai from Wat Doi Kham

So What is the best time of year to visit Chiang Mai? If you do have the luxury of choosing the time of year to visit northern Thailand and the wonderful city of Chiang Mai, then you may want to consider the best time to visit. November is a great month as the rainy season is coming to an end, waterfalls are flowing full, the air is clear, views are great, the forests/landscapes are extremely green, the rice in the rice paddies is nearing maturity and after many months of…

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The Chinnarit Buddha Foundry Phitsanulok

Chinnarit Buddha Foundry Phitsanulok

For those who do get to visit the city of Phitsanulok then the small Chinnarit Buddha foundry is well worth checking out! At this Buddha foundry bronze Buddhas of all shapes and sizes are still manufactured and cast in the traditional method which is now becoming increasingly rare in Thailand. Most Buddha manufacturing concerns now employ modern, cheaper methods to manufacture the image. The foundry here is a real working concern and a great chance to see the process of Buddha casting in action!   Buddha Casting Method The process…

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What to do with your main luggage while on a trek

What to bring on a Chiang Mai trek

A frequently asked question from our clients who are departing on overnight treks from Chiang Mai. What should I do with my main luggage while on an overnight trek? If you are heading out on an overnight trek the last thing you want to do is bring all your holiday luggage with you, especially if it is in a large suitcase, as everything you bring you will have to carry! It is recommended that you only bring a small rucksack with the essentials, our trek details page we do detail…

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Touring Chiang Mai in the Rainy Season


So the peak of the rainy season is nearly upon us! A frequent question from our clients is what will happen if it rains on the day of the tour? Well, we do continue running all tours throughout the year whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling. If you are travelling with us during the rainy season then it is worth noting the following Rain in Chiang Mai can be heavy, very heavy at times! however long periods of prolonged rainfall are rare and rain is usually…

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