Sanpatong Buffalo Market

Sanpatong Buffalo Market

If you are visiting Chiang Mai and you want to experience an authentic, local market without the the tourists then the Sanpatong Baffalo Market is well worth the effort. This Saturday-only market definitely caters to the local crowd. On sale at the market, you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, clothing, everyday household items, farming hardware and yes, Buffaloes!!

At the poultry section of Sanpatong Buffalo Market

The market now spans both sides of the main 108 highway with the bulk of the market (and livestock section) being on the north side of the road. If you are interested in taking a look at the Buffaloes which are traded here then head to the back of the market on the north side you will also find other livestock and poultry being traded as well.

The market is great for fresh produce and is a good place to pick up some locally produced fruit. Strawberries are abundant from January to March. Depending on the season you will also find loganberries, Lychees watermelons. you will also find plenty of dried and preserved foodstuffs on sale which are popular with the locals.

The Sanpatong Buffalo Market kicks off early at around 06:00 am and is usually over by 10:00 am so if you want to visit be prepared to make an early start. The driving time from Chiang Mai is around 30-40 minutes. If you are heading out to Doi Inthanon for the day then you will pass this market on the route and is well worth a stop (you may just need to depart Chiang Mai a little earlier than planned if you want to catch the market before it closes)

Honey! One of many delicious and local products sold at the Buffalo Market

Visiting Sanpatong Buffalo Market

If you have your own transport then get up early on a Saturday and head out on the Hang Dong Road. Driving time will be around 30-40 minutes. You will need to head along highway 108 out of the city, pass the town of Sanpatong, and continue for another 3km. You will know when you have reached the market as the market also sets up each side of the highway and can not be missed.

An elderly Buffalo trader at The Sanpatong Buffalo Market

If you are doing a privately escorted tour with the Travel Hub to Doi Inthanon National ParK then we give all our clients the option to stop off at the Sanpatong Buffalo Market (Saturdays only). Check out the following tour options:

One day tour of Doi Inthanon and trekking to Mae Klang Luang waterfall (option to visit Sanpatong Buffalo Market)

One day tour of Doi Inthanon and sightseeing tour (option to visit Sanpatong Buffalo Market).

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