Mok Fah Waterfall

Mok Fah Waterfall

Situated in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park Mok Fah Waterfall is by no means the largest or highest waterfall in northern Thailand but can probably compete for one of the most beautiful! When the late morning sunlight shines on the cascading water, pool and cliff face this waterfall is a delightful spectacle and its crystal clear waters really are inviting for a refreshing swim.

Swimming at Mok Fah Waterfall

Most of the year there should be enough water for swimming (or at least a refreshing shower) at the base of the falls. The water is crystal clear here and very refreshing!

Mok Fah Waterfall entrance fee

As Mok Fah Waterfall is situated in Doi Pui National Park there is a National park fee to pay here of 100 baht per person (foreigners) if you are bringing in a car you will need to pay a further 30 baht parking charge

Bat cave.

To the right of the main falls, there is a cave reportedly home to a large colony of bats. If you want to see these animals exit from the cave you will need to be at the falls at dusk

Nature walk

There is a marked nature trail that provides an alternative walking route into or out of the falls. The walk into the waterfall (around 500 meters) is quite pleasant along a forested path that follows the stream. The nature trail follows a different route back to the car park and is only a little longer than the main path. It is probably best to take the main path which follows the stream into the falls and then return on the nature trail which follows a more elevated route back to the car park. Look out for the signs near the waterfall

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Getting to Mok Fah Waterfall

Mok Fah Waterfall is situated in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park the edge of the park starts at Chiang Ma’s westerly city limits however the actual falls are situated on the northern edge of the National Park and is a longish road trip to get there from Chiang Mai. By road, the travelling distance is around 50km. If you have your own transport you will need to head out of the city in a northerly direction towards the town of Mae Tang. Before the town of Mae Tang, you will need to take the left hand turn off towards the town of Pai (this is well signposted) the turn off to Mok Fah Waterfall will be around 15km along this road on your left-hand side. At around a 100km round trip from Chiang Mai, it may be difficult to justify this long trip just to see the waterfall but if you are in the Mae Tang area or even better heading to Pai by road then this waterfall is well worth the stop. Travel Hub also stops here on its 3 day Mae Hong Son Tour

Mok Fah Waterfall Map.

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