Touring Chiang Mai in the Rainy Season


So the peak of the rainy season is nearly upon us! A frequent question from our clients is what will happen if it rains on the day of the tour? Well, we do continue running all tours throughout the year whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling. If you are travelling with us during the rainy season then it is worth noting the following

Rain in Chiang Mai can be heavy, very heavy at times! however long periods of prolonged rainfall are rare and rain is usually confined to short (although heavy) showers. It is both rare and unlikely that you will be rained upon for the whole day and therefore rain very rarely spoils the tour.

Bring a lightweight raincoat that can be easily packed in a daysack. If you did not bring one from home or do not want to carry one here then you can buy cheap and lightweight raincoats from local conveniences stores. Most branches of 7-11 stock them, they are cheap at around 50 baht and fold up to the size of a mobile phone, ideal if you are caught out in a shower.

Umbrellas are useful! But do not worry about bringing one for home as most of our vehicles are now equipped with a full set of umbrellas!

From our experience catching a few showers while on tour should not spoil your experience and there are benefits of travelling during the rainy season! The countryside is very lush and green, the air is clear usually affording some great views and rice paddies are being planted up creating some spectacular vistas.

Get loads of useful Chiang Mai weather information here! seasons, rainfall and temperature charts

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