What to do with your main luggage while on a trek

What to bring on a Chiang Mai trek

A frequently asked question from our clients who are departing on overnight treks from Chiang Mai.

What should I do with my main luggage while on an overnight trek?

If you are heading out on an overnight trek the last thing you want to do is bring all your holiday luggage with you, especially if it is in a large suitcase, as everything you bring you will have to carry! It is recommended that you only bring a small rucksack with the essentials, our trek details page we do detail the essential items which should be brought along and these should easily fit into a day sac of around 20-30 litre capacity. So if you are only bringing the essentials this usually leads to the question of what will I do with the rest of my luggage? we usually recommend the following.

1. because of the popularity of overnight treks from Chiang Mai nearly all hotels have some form of luggage storage facility and will be happy to store your luggage for you for free while you are on your trek especially if you will be returning to the hotel after the trek. Some hotels make a small charge for this service but most definitely offer it as a free service. Most clients find this the most convenient way

2. If your hotel will not take care of your luggage while on a trek then Travel Hub can. It is best if you can provide some notice of this as we will have to make a trip back to our office with the bags but we are always happy to hold on to your luggage while you are on a trek.

A full list of what to bring on a Chiang Mai trek can be found on each details page on the website

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