Chiang Mai to Luang Namtha bus – Buses arriving in Luang Namtha

Bus Chiang Mai to Luang Namtha

We have had a couple of reports from our customers who have booked the Chiang Mai to Luang Namtha bus through our office. On arrival at the small bus station in Luang Namtha which is situated about 10km outside of town, they have not found any public transport options (usually a tuk-tuk or songtaew) to take them into town. The scheduled arrival time is 08:30 pm but I am aware that this bus is often late arrival and after 10 pm can be common and maybe the tuk-tuk drivers have packed up and gone home for the night.

Of the two reports, we have had one couple spent the night at a guest house near the bus station and another hitched a lift into town.

This is not a commonly reported problem but if you will be booking this trip please be aware of this, also if you do this trip we would love to hear about your own experience on arrival in Luang Namtha please comment on this blog post or send us an email and we will add the information to this blog post. Are there really no transport options from the bus station or is this down to the late arrival of the bus?

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Downtown Luang Namtha
Downtown Luang Namtha – Photo Alex Drainville

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